Bamboo? Advantages of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo? Advantages of Bamboo Fabric

When I tell people that my socks are made from bamboo I often get this response: "Bamboo? Like the plant bamboo? How is that possible?!". I respond by telling them the process that bamboo goes through to end up being turned into socks. What intrigues them the most however, is the end result. "Wow they're so soft! How could something so rough end up being so soft?". Well, bamboo is broken down through a few different processes, but basically it's like the process of making paper; the fiber is broken down into a pulp, which can then be used to make the thread. "Oh I see. Well, I'd like to try a pair".

You see, bamboo is no ordinary plant. It grows extremely fast, the average being about 3-5 feet per year, making it a very sustainable source of clothing. Not only that, but despite its roughness as a plant, bamboo makes for a very soft fabric. It is said that bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties that, when translated into clothing, makes for a great way to subdue odors. Because of its fast growth rate, bamboo absorbs a lot of water when it's growing. This property remains when it is turned into clothing or other products. Because of this, bamboo clothing is great for active people, or people who sweat often. So next time you go to put on any type of clothing, imagine how much more comfortable you could be in bamboo.


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