New Year. New Things Coming (Soon).

New Year. New Things Coming (Soon).

Ah yes, a new year. That's not all that's new; we've got some good things coming your way. Simplicity is something that I'm realizing is the key to having a clear mind. I love color combinations that are both simple, yet have something that makes them stand out. This is the idea that we've been following when coming up with new patterns. 

When you open up your sock drawer, there are pairs that you naturally gravitate towards, and love to wear. Whether they are our socks or not, doesn't matter. What matters is that the things that you love to wear spark joy. That is our goal with these new patterns; to spark joy.

In addition to releasing new patterns, each pair will come with a new "touch of us". You'll see what I mean by this later. Check back here periodically to see our new patterns, and any other news that we have for you.

I look forward to sharing these new designs with you!

Much love,



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