Our Story

 blüm | blum bamboo socks

About Our Bamboo Socks

When you open up your sock drawer, there should be a pair that you love. A pair that you immediately gravitate towards and that you always want to wear. This is what our socks stand for; things that you love.

Our socks are hand-dyed using high quality dyes that don’t fade over time. They are all dyed in small batches, making each pair unique. Being made from bamboo material (yes like the plant) they are soft and wick the moisture away from your skin.  

We believe in traveling light, never taking more than you need. Because of our minimalist philosophy, our socks are designed to be worn for multiple days without much smell. The bacteria that makes socks smelly doesn’t like to grow in bamboo fabric, leaving your feet smelling fresher. Take our socks with you on all of your adventures, wherever you may go.

Our Philosophy

Design and quality are at our core. Our brand stands for this in every possible way, and we make an effort to make you feel good. If you’re not completely satisfied with what you’ve purchased, let us know and we’ll refund your money fully, or send you something that you like better. Learn more here.

We are a design driven company that focuses on products that make you feel good. We’re starting with bamboo socks, because, well that’s our specialty, but we have some other great products coming. To stay updated, follow us on one of our social media platforms, or sign up for our email updates below.

Our History

blüm was started in Kalmazoo, Michigan by Prashant Dault. Prashant has been dying socks by hand since he was very young. Having a passion for well-designed products, he started blüm in hopes of sharing his passion with the world.